Competitive Event Rules

Competitive event shall be designed to allow 4 team members to participate simultaneously either as a as a team, or individuals performing similar tasks that combine into a single team score

All competitive events shall be weighted equally with a maximum score of 100 points per team – no individual team member scores

Competitive event duration will be 30 minutes

Competitive event shall be designed around a task that an AMT student would normally encounter during their AMT training

Competitive event shall involve some degree of hands-on manipulation/performance – not entirely a cognitive or paperwork activity

Competitive event will include a standardized task card and a score sheet.  Click here to download the standardized task card template and task card instructions.

Standardized task cards will be used to provide all instructions required to perform the task without the need for oral instructions by the judge.  Additional reference materials (i.e. service manuals, procedures, technical data, schematics) may be used as directed in the task card.

Score cards will include a clear and concise scoring system/rubric that will be used by the judge to determine and record a team score based on observable, measurable, and quantitative performance criteria – not subjective or opinion based criteria.

Competitive events shall be provided by each participating AMT school, and will include all tools, equipment, consumables, materials, task card, and score sheet needed to complete the activity.