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2019 Competition Events

Aircraft Brakes

In this event competitors will remove a brake assembly from the wheel strut, remove and replace the brake linings, inspect the rotor for wear limits, and then reinstall the brake assembly back on the wheel strut.

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Control Cable Rigging

In this event competitors will use a tensiometer to inspect the cable tension on a mockup Boeing 757 flight control system.  They will adjust turnbuckles and push rods to ensure the system is rigged properly as they perform a functional test of the control system.

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Control Surface Balancing

In this event competitors will place a primary flight control surface on a balancing rig, and then determine if the control surface balance point is within manufacturer limits.

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Electrical Troubleshooting

In this event competitors will be challenged to test several electronic components and isolate the exact location of the electrical fault using a multimeter and schematic wiring diagrams.

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Fabricate Rigid Fluid Lines

In this event competitors will fabricate and route rigid fluid lines to meet exact installation dimension specifications and limits.

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Precision Measurements

In this event competitors will use various precision measurement tools on several aircraft engine components to determine if they meet manufacturer specifications.

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Safety Wire Bolts and Turnbuckles

In this event competitors will secure various fasteners configured in several patterns and access points with lock wire.

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Weight and Balance Report

In this event competitors will weigh an aircraft on a set of three digital scales, and then use the weight data to calculate a current weight and balance report for the aircraft.

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