1. Each team shall consist of four team members.
  2. Competitors must be enrolled in a certificated aviation maintenance technician school.
  3. Each team is allowed, but not required, to designate alternate(s) in the event a primary member is not able to participate the day of the competition due to illness or absence.  Alternates will only participate in competitive events in the absence of a primary team member; rotating alternates and primary members for specific competitive events is NOT allowed.
  4. Coaches (instructors) are not eligible to compete.
  5. Teams have 30 minutes to complete each competitive event.
  6. Teams with less than four team members present at the designated start time of a competitive event will proceed with the team members that are present.  Team members that arrive after the designated start of a competitive event will NOT be allowed to participate in that event, but may participate in subsequent events.
  7. There is a 15-minute break between the end of one event and the beginning of the next event. Competitors may NOT review task cards, materials, or prepare for the event prior to the event start time.
  8. Each competitive event is designed as a team activity, and as such, requires all participation from all four team members.
  9. Event sponsors provide a judge(s) for each event.  Scores are calculated based on the standard score sheet by the judge.  Scores are recorded on the standard score sheet by the judges and presented to the Score Keeper at the end of each competitive event.
  10. Judges are not permitted to assist, coach, or teach during the timed competition event.  Judges are not allowed to pause or extend the event time period.  Judges may provide feedback or answer questions during the 15 minute break between competitive events.
  11. The Score Keeper will calculate a final score for each team at the end of the competition based on the standard score sheets received from the judges.  The Score Keeper will rank the teams from highest to lowest total score.
  12. Each team coach (instructor) will receive a packet containing all standard score sheets for their team at the conclusion of the awards ceremony.
  13. The three teams with the highest scores will be recognized at the awards ceremony. The team with the highest score will be awarded the Northwest AMT Skills Competition Traveling Trophy.
  14. The team awarded the traveling trophy is required to safely return the trophy to the AMT Competition Event Coordinator prior to the start of the competition the following year.
  15. The AMT Competition Event Coordinator reserves the right to remove any team member(s) from the competition for, but not limited to, unprofessional behavior, cheating, etc.
  16. The AMT Competition Event Coordinator reserves the right to alter events and/or rules prior to or during the competition and will make best efforts to notify all team members of the change.
  17. Participants are expected to provide their own safety glasses and mechanic’s gloves.  Participants are also expected observe personal protection equipment requirements throughout the competition. Failure to observe safety practices will result in penalties.
  18. All required tools and protection equipment (except safety glasses and gloves) is provided by event sponsors. Personal tools are allowed, but must be accounted for and controlled by the participants.
  19. Competitive events are provided by participating competition teams.  Each AMT school will provide one competitive event of their choice for each competition team from their school registered in the competition.  See “Events” page for more information on the competitive event rules.